Williams Sound offers a full line of hearing assistance products that benefit assisted living residents who have hearing loss, and the caretakers at the facility who need to communicate with them. For facilities looking to provide hearing accommodations for large room activities, such as religious services, meetings, or group activities, Williams Sound recommends the Personal PA® 375 FM Listening System. To assist individuals during one-on-one or small group conversations, the facilities should consider the Personal FM Listening System and the Pocketalker® Personal Amplifier. To allow residents to listen to the television and telephone at the volume of their comfort level, Williams Sound offers the SoundPlus® TV Listening System and the Teletalker™ Amplified Telephone.


Do any of your students struggle to hear as a result of noisy surroundings, distractions, or distance from the sound source? Do any of your students in your classroom suffer from a hearing disability? With technologies such as the Personal FM Listening System from Williams Sound, everyone in the classroom can hear, without distraction, at a volume that accommodates their hearing needs while helping them perform. In fact, studies show that students that hear better in the classroom perform better in the classroom. Empowering students with the right technology can be the difference of learning and not learning.

Here’s how it works: The teacher wears a body-pack style transmitter equipped with a lapel microphone. The student that requires hearing assistance wears a body-pack style receiver and picks up the message directly from the teacher into their headphones by way of a FM signal. Background noise and other environmental distractions are greatly reduced, and the student can adjust the volume of their receiver to a listening level that is comfortable for them.