Card Access Systems

ISONAS PowerNet™ Reader is the first, panel-free, IP reader-controller with Power Over Ethernet. Install an unlimited number of readers with no panels or hubs to worry about. PowerNet readers are supplied with a pigtail used for connecting auxiliary devices, electronic strikes, REX buttons etc. Pigtails are available in the standard 4′ length as well as 10′ and 25′.


Embedded Web Server

The PowerNet™ reader controller has built in web pages that make it easy for to install, configure and operate. These web pages are perfectly suited for a small standalone system with no other software required.

Crystal Matrix™ Software

Allows authorized security personnel to input individual users permissions using a Windows® user friendly interface to make changes in real time.

The software is completely FREE of charge. A copy of the software is included with every reader order or you can download the software from our website.

EasyWeb™ Software

Browser based software that allows authorized personnel to utilize the access control application from anywhere at any time.