Web-Based Programming

The TII/XL Editor is an easy-to-use web-based interface that allows for the configuration of the Telecor Communications System via the internet or LAN/WAN. An entire school board consisting of multiple systems can be managed and monitored from one convenient central location, resulting in savings of time and money.

The expanded capability offered by the Editor allows staff rather than a Telecor technician to easily change characteristics of a system, such as creating and modifying schedules, music on class change, holidays, page, program, and time zones, etc.

The Editor’s web-based interface is intuitive, allowing for a wider variety of staff to attend to the system. Users can be assigned different access privileges to determine what can be modified on a system.

With central control and remote access, a school district’s IT professional can now manage and maintain all programming, all without having to leave the office. In the event that a Telecor technician is required, the system can be accessed remotely via the internet

IP Based Paging

The Telecor IP Interface Board is used to enable the TII or XL System to use IP devices such as the Telecor IP Intercom Station or TEL-30-IP Amplifier. It does so by providing the TII/XL Communication System with an Ethernet connection, specifically for audio purposes, so the Controller can communicate with the IP devices over the network.

The Telecor IP Intercom Station allows for paging and two-way communication between the TII/XL Communication System and the IP Intercom Station.

The TEL-30-IP Amplifier expands your paging area by providing support for speakers. It also provides support for Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks and Electronic Message Displays