An all-in-one communication system, Telecor’s T2/XL™ systems provide intercom, public address, music broadcast, digitally stored announcements and duplex telephones utilizing traditional 2-wire and 4-wire analog field stations and speakers. The system integrates with IP gateways providing the ability to network multiple buildings over a facility’s LAN.

Additionally, an integral master clock transmits time tone signaling for class changes and synchronizes the facility’s clocks.

Conventional technology to utilize existing 2-wire and 4-wire devices.

The T2 system is designed to accommodate large facilities, while the XL provides an identical feature set but scaled to size, making it compact enough to wall mount.

The XL manages up to 150 analog station devices making it ideal for the small to medium sized applications. Integration with Telecor’s IP modules provides expansion beyond 150 devices.

The T2 utilizes a 19″ modular platform, providing scalability beyond 500 analog station devices. Additional expansion is made possible with Telecor’s IP Module, which also allows the system to reside on a facility’s network. Paging modules make the T2 ideal for large multi-zone public address applications.


Up loadable firmware updates

Modular architecture for easy expansion and serviceability

Built-in Master Clock

Browser-based remote configuration

Two-way intercom voice communications

KSU/PBX telephone system integration

CAT5 wiring directly to classrooms

Consistent with NEMA SB40 requirements

Supervised call-in devices with privacy, do not disturb and message waiting features

Communication Systems for Educational Market

Telecor’s Educational Market provides communication systems that are specifically designed for schools. These systems cater to the way in which an educational facility operates. This technology provides schools with a host of new and diverse capabilities that are conducive to student learning. Telecor’s sophisticated communication solutions offer time efficiency for staff, reliable security for administrators, teachers and parents, as well as a stronger liaison between teachers and parents.

Intercom, Paging, and Program Distribution Features

A user can easily operate the Telecor system with the MCC-300 Administrative Console. The console contains clearly defined function keys to guide the user through operations, quickly and efficiently.

Intercom calls to classroom speakers, duplex communications to traditional telephone instruments, together with selective paging and program distribution, are performed from the MCC-300 console. Incoming calls from remote locations are presented in chronological and priority sequence on the easy-to-read console LCD display.

Web-Based Programming

The TII/XL Editor is an easy-to-use web-based interface that allows for the configuration of the Telecor Communications System via the internet or LAN/WAN. An entire school board consisting of multiple systems can be managed and monitored from one convenient central location, resulting in savings of time and money.

The expanded capability offered by the Editor allows staff rather than a Telecor technician to easily change characteristics of a system, such as creating and modifying schedules, music on class change, holidays, page, program, and time zones, etc.

The Editor’s web-based interface is intuitive, allowing for a wider variety of staff to attend to the system. Users can be assigned different access privileges to determine what can be modified on a system.

With central control and remote access, a school district’s IT professional can now manage and maintain all programming, all without having to leave the office. In the event that a Telecor technician is required, the system can be accessed remotely via the internet.

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