MIPRO is the #1 brand for portable wireless public address systems. The MIPRO range of portable PA systems is internationally renowned for its innovation, proven reliability and sound quality, with a distribution to over 75 countries. MIPRO portable products are lightweight, features-packed, so easy to use and provide outstanding value in today’s competitive electronics market place.

Simplicity, Flexibility, Portability


All-in-one PA Systems with multiple wireless microphones.

Very little set-up or take-down time required unlike installed sound systems.

Incredibly simple to use for anyone. No experience or technical background required.


Modular add-on design provides many configurations for various applications. CD/MP3/USB or cassette player, wireless receivers and wireless interlinking transmitter can be easily installed in seconds.

Hand carrying, shoulder strap use or mount on a standard speaker or microphone stand. Or just place on any flat surface.

All systems are AC & battery operated. Ideal for any indoors and outdoors applications.


Retractable luggage-style handle & sturdy wheels provide effortless transport.

Lightest weight in its class.

Rugged, durable, and weather-resistant injection-molded cases.

Portable Sound Systems