eSeries™ Network Intercom is a next-generation, full-featured, non-blocking communication system with no central server requirement.

eSeries offers intercom, public address, music broadcast, digitally-stored announcements, a state-of-the-art graphical user interface and synchronized clock system distributed over your facility’s LAN.

eSeries Details

Crystal clear audio with Just-Plug-It-In technology.

eSeries™ uses Ethernet technology to pass power and data over your facility’s Ethernet network. Simplified network planning and easy programming and installation reduces your costs. The simplicity of Telecor’s Just-Plug-It-In design means eSeries does not require any network configuration or administration, eliminating IP address and server requirements.

High definition audio ensures crystal clear voice communication and outstanding music broadcast quality. Peer-to-peer technology provides a practically unlimited number of speech channels with unrestricted access to any device on the system.


No centralized head-end, server or controller required

No central point of failure

Supervised end-point devices

Integrates with your existing telephone system

Wide range of devices for intercom, paging, public address and clocks

Easily expandable and upgradable

Configuration changes can be made using an ePort and spreadsheet application or directly using command-line interface

Visual Console Video

eCall Introduction


Controlling Building Access with eSeries Video

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