Telecor Nurse Courier

Nurse Courier® 3 Communications System

Telecor Control Console

Telecor’s Control Console provides effective communications between patients and staff. Its two-way voice and tone signal capability, emergency signaling, and sophisticated features facilitate easy handling of routine and emergency calls. Incoming calls are displayed on a back-lit liquid crystal display screen in priority order.

Easy to Operate

  • Console operation is easy — even for inexperienced users.
  • Functions are accessed by single keystrokes while the display gives clear and concise information to aid call handling and to keep the operator informed of all calls in progress.
  • The operator may use a handset when answering calls or may simply use function keys to answer, hang up, place, or put calls on hold.
  • The interactive display and soft keys prompt the operator through call processing and system functioning.

Routing Calls to a Wireless Telephone

The Control Console can even function without a dedicated operator. By automatically routing calls to a wireless telephone, staff members no longer need to be bound to the Control Console to answer and place calls.

Adapting your Operation to Changing Needs

The Nurse Courier 3 System lets you adapt your operation to changing needs. It’s easy to transfer room station calls or the operation to another Control Console with only a few keystrokes.

Public Address

The Control Console’s Public Address capabilities allow the operator to make paging announcements to selected rooms, zones, or corridors with simple key selection. Destinations of announcements are confirmed on the display.

KSU/PBX Integration

The Control Console can integrate with a facility’s KSU or PBX for telephone system integration. This allows any phone system extension to accept station call-ins, place system calls, or perform public address pages. The Control Console can also function as a single line phone: it allows for the answering, placing, and processing of external calls, and is able to display Caller ID.