SmartLock® Surf



Simple Cost-effective Browser-enabled

Connect to your SmartLock® Surf system from any PC with Internet Explorer®. Surf's browser-enabled software also supports 10 concurrent connections for multiple-user management. Already have SmartLock® Pro? Upgrade your SmartLock® Pro software to Surf and add a whole new level of convenience!

Timed Anti-Passback

Prevent credential sharing between users ideal for parking gates and garages.


Recall archived access events in History View.

Access Schedules and Holidays

Set multiple access schedules for different work shifts or holidays.

Upgrade from SmartLock® Pro For PC requirements and more information on Cansec software, visit

SmartLock® Surf uses the same hardware as SmartLock® Pro, making the upgrade from Pro to Surf easy.

No hardware changes, no rewiring. Just simple solutions for your access control needs.

Step 1: Back up Data Copy your SmartLock® Pro Data folder from the PC's hard drive.

Step 2: Install Surf Install SmartLock® Surf and copy over the Data folder.

Step 3: Connect Clients From any PC on the LAN or Internet, enter the host PC's address in Internet Explorer to connect to Surf.

Door Unlock Schedules

Automatically unlock doors at the start of the work day and relock them at the end of the work day.

User Profiles

Group users by job function to easily match them with appropriate access privileges

First Person In Ensures employee presence before doors unlock according to a predefine schedule.


Create login accounts to allow multiple operators to manage system

Features & Benefits

Cost-effective, entry-level system using single-door controllers

Intuitive browser-enabled software can be learned in minutes

30-door and 4,800-cardholder capacity

Supports up to 10 concurrent client connections from any PC with Internet Explorer

Controller outputs for Electric Lock, Handicap Door Operator and Forced Entry/Door Held Open

Controller inputs for Request-to-Exit button and door Contact

USB Communications Line Driver

RS-485 to USB Converter.

Supports up to 30 controllers.

CanLan TCP/IP Controller

RS-485 to LAN communication device.

Includes plug-in power supply, UTP jack, and RS-485 output.

Static IP is required.

Wireless RS-485 Communications

Wireless RS-485 communications manufactured by Cansec for use with any product using 2-wire RS-485. The AIR-485TM is perfect for installations where wired connections are cost prohibitive. Configured using simple DIP switch settings.

Size 65 mm (w) x 85 mm (I) x 16 mm (d)

[2.6 in (w) x 3.3 in (I) x 0.6 in (d)]

Weight 70 g (2.5 02)

Operating Temperature -35°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)

Power Requirements 12 VDC, 50 m (not including lock/reader)

Warranty One year limited

This simple yet powerful single-door controller delivers affordable reliability to access control systems for up to 30 doors and 4,800 users. Highly versatile, it supports proximity, biometric and iButton readers in addition to keypads and RF transmitters and receivers. The controller works with SmartLock® Surf software to provide crucial real-time data to access managers and to grant or deny user access according to programmable parameters.

CanProx One

Reliable access control with a single wave of a credential. This user-friendly reader offers a cost-effective security solution, granting access and peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

Gain access without ever having to make contact with the reader

2-in-1 reader comes in mullion style with adapter plate for easy wall mounting

Sleek design adds professional aesthetic appeal to any workplace

Simple LED light and beeper signify access granted or denied

Supports both AWID and HID 125 KHz proximity technologies

Lifetime warranty

CanProx One Standard Proximity Card

Clamshell style credential.

CanProx One Proximity Key Tag

Small and thin style credential.

Attaches to key ring with brass eyelet.

CanProx One ISO-Thin Proximity Card

Dye-sub printable (.031 thick +/- .002).

Note: check card printer specifications for compatibility.

Cansec ISO-Thin Proximity Card with 3-Track Magnetic Stripe Dye-sub printable (.031 thick +/- .002).

Size Mullion 40 mm (w) x 98 mm (h) x 17 mm (d)

[1.6 in (w) x 3.9 in (h) x 0.7 in (d)]

Wall mount 70 mm (w) x 115 mm (h) x 25 mm (d)

[2.8 in (w) x 4.5 in (h) x 1.0 in (d)]

Weight 85 g (3 oz)

Colour Black

Environment Indoor or outdoor

Operating Temperature -40C to 60C (-40F to 149F)

Frequency 125 KHz

Warranty Lifetime against defects in material or workmanship

HID Proximity Clamshell Card

HID Printable Graphics Card

(.031 thick +/- .002).

HID Proximity Keyfob




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