Invisible Reader

Concealed 125KHz Prox Reader

The perfect solution for entrances where vandal resistance is a  high priority or where high profile aesthetics must be preserved. Easily installed in new and existing wood or aluminum entrances.  Compatible with all 125KHz HID and AWID clamshell and ISOProx  cards. Simple and intuitive to use. Does not affect weather seal or  structural integrity.

Preserves the aesthetics of high profile and historic buildings

Totally concealed and highly vandal resistant

Can be used on aluminum or wood swing-out doors (single or double)

Reads all 125KHz HID or AWID prox cards

Compatible with all access control systems

Size:  11.3 cm X 3.5 cm (4 X 1)

Color:  Clear Anodized/Dark Bronze

Material:  High-Strength Polycarbonate

Weight:  72 grams (2.8 oz.)

Environment:  Indoor/Outdoor

Operating:  Temperature -40C to +60C (-40F to 140F)

Frequency:  125KHz

Card Compatibility:  HID and AWID 125KHz Wiegand

Warranty:  Lifetime

CA-IRCA Invisible Reader (Clear Anodized Color)

CA-IRBA Invisible Reader (Dark Bronze Anodized Color)




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